information about photographer Peter Woods

information about photographer Peter Woods

Peter is a published and award winning Wildlife Photographer. He is a Qualified member of  The Guild of Photographers and has also been made a Members Ambassador with them. Peter is also a Licentiate member of the Royal Photographic Society and an Associate  member of The Societies of Photographers. His love for Wildlife Photography started when he bought his first digital SLR camera in 2007 and his skills and passion have continued to grow. Since joining the Guild of Photographer and The Societies Peter has seen his work improve and this has pushed him to enter competitions and attain qualification. Since 2019 Peter has been using the Olympus system and has found the freedom this lighter system has a huge benefit when in the field.

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Latest Article - Cameracraft Magazine April 2021 - Front Cover and 4 page article.


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 ‘The Natural World’ & ‘Landscape’ section This section is dedicated to the photography of Birds, Animals, Flora, Insects, and Wildlife taken within their natural surroundings as well as Landscapes and Seascapes.
Guidance: For the competition, a Landscape or Seascape is defined as “the visible features of an area of land or sea, and how they integrate with natural or man-made features”. Man-made elements, animals and people can be in Landscapes or Seascapes, if it is the landscape or seascape ‘as a whole’ which is the purpose of the image. If an image is dominated by, or is primarily about a man-made element, rather than the environment ‘as a whole’ the image should go in the Open section, as should Urbanscapes. 
In keeping with the section, images that are entered of flowers and living creatures should be taken in their natural environments and living creatures should be those which are ‘essentially free to roam and feed themselves, rather than being reliant on being fed by people’.
Pet animals should be entered in the Pet section, and images of captive animals should be entered in the Open section. Captive animals includes those in zoos and commercial ‘safari’ type wildlife parks but excludes parks where the animals are still essentially free to roam and feed themselves, rather than being reliant on being fed by people (such as large deer parks, national safari parks or conservation reserves).
ICM entries are permitted, as is post production, as long as the subject is still recognisable, but composites of any type are not permitted.
Images taken at Experience days should be entered in the Open section (subject to the General entry rule that states images should not be submitted if taken under guidance or in an environment where key aspects of image creation, such as the lighting set-up, are controlled by others rather than yourself).